Butterfly, inner Journey of a disoriented woman

Based on Madama Butterfly, opera in 3 Acts, 1907
Music Giacomo Puccini – Libretto Giuseppe Giacosa & Luigi Illica
Opéra de Rouen – September 25, 27, 29, October 2, 5, 7, 2018

Premiered at the Opera de Limoges (March 2018) - Awarded "Meilleurs créateurs d'éléments scèniques 2018" by the French Syndicat de la Critique

« How changed he'll find me !...
Drawn weary mouth from over-much sighing, And poor tired eyes from over-much crying ! »
Madama Butterfly, Act II

Musical direction, Robert Tuohy (Limoges), Pierre Dumoussaud (Rouen)
Staging, Set and Costume design, Jean-Philippe Clarac & Olivier Deloeuil
Collaborator for set design, Christophe Pitoiset
Artistic collaboration, Lodie Kardouss
Lighting, Rick Martin
Video, Jean-Baptiste Beïs
Graphic design, Julien Roques
Dramaturgy, Luc Bourrousse
With : Camille Schnoor (Cio-Cio San), Marion Lebègue (Suzuki), Georgy Vasiliev (Pinkerton), André Heyboer - Armando Noguera (Sharpless), Raphaël Brémard (Goro), Victor Sicard (Yamadori), Ugo Rabec - Thomas Dear (le Bonze).
Orchestre et Chœur de l’Opéra de Limoges / Orchestre de Rouen.

Objet Musical Créatif - Opéra de Limoges - Opéra de Rouen

This intriguing production does not stage the well-known story of a Japanese geisha fooled by a cruel American officer. Rather, we follow the story inside the mind of a young, provincial European woman who obsessively fantasizes about Japan and Japanese life.
Living alone in her small apartment in the outskirts of Limoges, a young French woman spends her days watching manga and videos of modern-day Japan on her computer, while obsessively listening to Puccini’s famous opera.
This is the story of Cio-Cio San, but seen through the eyes of a neurotic young European woman. As the opera unfolds, the elegant Geishas stroll around Limoges, while the young girl believes she is in Japan... or just the oposite. As one would expect, the story ends in tragedy. We, like the woman, are dis-oriented by her obsessions of an imagined Japan.
Doing so, our production works as a contemporary reflection on the old cultural misunderstandings held by Westerners towards Japan.

Contact: production@clarac-deloeuil.fr